“It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.”
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Vote some more!

So far these are the votes that I have received.

1. Harley Quinn (5)
2. Sailor Venus (6)
3. Misty (7)
4. Captain Kirk (1)
5. Rapunzel (7)
6. Merida (2)
7. Master Cheif (1)
8. Bat girl (2)
9. Poison Ivy (1)

The next update I will eliminate some.

Attention Merida Cosplayers!

I’m in need of a Merida wig for the end of April.

I would like it to look as close to the park version as possible. Does anyone know of anyone who does reasonable pricing wig commissions and are good quality?

Can anyone tell me which ones they have and where I can buy them online?

Singing random songs is what I do and some how I started singing Soundsational XD

me on a rainy day hahaha

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Sooooo…this just happened today…

New Projects!!! :D

Rapunzel & Periwinkle!!!imageimage

Time to make a Pascal army in several different colors :]

Perfect timing


Simply Perfect

Belle, Tiana & Wendy Darling

Sadly these are the best ones I have

Annual Pass holder Forever <3